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Eight common problems and solutions for custom landscape lights

Datetime: 2019-10-24 11:26:55    Views: 1424

Frequently encountered customers send a light type to make a quote?

Also say that the price allows you to find the light type directly?

Before answering customer questions, one sentence, we have to spend 2 hours to do the accounting, find the light type, and finally the customer is too expensive?

In response to such problems, I would like to summarize the problems that I often encounter when doing landscape lights, especially in the process of working with customers to encounter many unforeseen difficulties. It should be known that when carrying out a landscape streetlight project, it will not always be smooth sailing. There will always be various variables that affect the advancement of our work, large or small. It mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Difference between design drawings and finished products

The design institute will pre-design the drawings and then the factory will carry out a series of production processes. Often the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, there is always a big difference between the design and the finished product, such as whether the splicing fulcrum connection is reliable, the need to open the grinding tool, the material material is different, etc. are all influencing factors. What is important is that these factors are related to the stability factor and safety factor of the landscape street lamp. Therefore, we will test a variety of materials as much as possible during the production process, test multiple sets of data comparisons, and seek a relatively high stability coefficient and safety factor. A material.

2, the height of the landscape lamp is difficult to determine

In the design drawings, because there are no conditions for field surveying, if the design of the unilateral design is difficult to meet the application conditions of the actual scene, this problem is an unavoidable problem for us. There is no good way to solve this problem. Effectively, only high-frequency docking of production and design is performed, and parameters are determined according to the lamp type and application scenario.

3, wind factors

If the streetlight project is used for outdoor scenes, then the degree of influence of wind power on the luminaire must be taken into account. The wind power is difficult to determine in different seasons and regions. This corresponds to the first one. We will choose the stability factor in our production process. And the material with higher safety factor, and the reliability of the splicing fulcrum connection will be detected accordingly.

4, the details of the manual production control

A complete street light requires multiple points of attachment, as well as sanding and spray. The connection points are all welded by the skilled welder. If the density of the solder joints is insufficient, the stability coefficient and service life of the street lamps will be affected. The grinding and spray molding will not affect the overall appearance. In order to prevent the omission of links, in the process of production, we have adopted a comprehensive monitoring tool to monitor the quality of the products in real time, as well as special personnel to inspect and strictly control the quality of the products.

5. Protection measures for logistics and transportation links

During the transportation of the product, the product is prone to collision and friction, which causes the product to fall off and affect the aesthetics. Therefore, in the transportation process, we adopt a stable way of fixing each street lamp, so as to avoid the collision problem during transportation; In order to prevent the joints from falling off during transportation, we will choose some materials with higher friction. The long transportation route and the large number of items alone make it difficult for the driver to take care of the security of the goods. Therefore, we will also send special personnel to guard against theft.

6, the direction of viewing

Because each city or area building may be visible from different directions and angles, it is generally necessary to determine a particular direction as the main direction of viewing before the landscape lighting design begins. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a site visit to the city. By analyzing the geographical location of the city, the main direction of the landscape lights is determined, so that the lights of the landscape lights can be used to set off the unique charm of the city.

7, the surrounding environment and background

The brightness of the surrounding environment and background will affect the illumination required by the landscape lights. If the perimeter is very dark, a little light is enough to illuminate the subject; if the perimeter is bright, the light must be reinforced to highlight the subject. Therefore, before producing the landscape lights in the area, it is necessary to understand the architecture and surrounding environment of each part of the city before deciding the brightness of the lights.

8, the light source

The choice of landscape light source should consider factors such as light color, color rendering, efficiency and longevity. The color of the landscape lights has a great relationship with the color of the materials outside the building, so it is necessary to fully consider the materials of the buildings in each part of the city to determine the landscape light source. In general, gold bricks and yellow-brown stones are more suitable for use with warm light.

Because the situation of each city and region is different, the factors affecting the design of landscape lights are also different, so we must fully consider these factors before designing the landscape lights to design the landscape lights that are most suitable for the development of the city.