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Guangzhou will fully open the pole pole resources to build 5G micro base stations

Datetime: 2019-10-24 11:22:42    Views: 1386

On April 18, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on Planning and Construction of Public Mobile Communication Base Stations in Guangzhou” (hereinafter referred to as “Guiding Opinions”), which was implemented on April 23, 2019 and is valid for 5 years. .

The "Guidance Opinion" applies to the planning, setting, site selection, construction, management and protection of base stations within the administrative area of Guangzhou.

The "Guidance Opinions" clearly states:

The Guangzhou Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Bureau is responsible for the opening of urban street light poles for the construction of micro base stations;

The Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau is responsible for coordinating the road excavation and approval work of the roads and the approval of road permits such as base stations, supporting facilities and pipelines along the roads.

The Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid is responsible for ensuring the power consumption of the base station and ensuring the safety of the base station.

In state-owned institutions, institutions, state-owned enterprises, public schools and other buildings, as well as in the scope of roads and highways, railways and their lines on both sides of security protection zones, tunnels, bridges, airports, subways, various types of stations, ports Small antennas, base stations, towers, and computer rooms on public facilities such as docks, ferries, inland waterways and shorelines, navigation buildings, urban rail transit, tourist attractions, parks, green spaces, woodlands, and other public facilities such as street lamps and road signs. And communication facilities such as indoor distribution systems, the property owners, managers and users should be open to provide access and electricity convenience to ensure the fair entry of operators of basic telecommunications services.